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This album has been just over a year in the making.  The album consists of songs written over the past decade and has been entirely self produced. I recorded this entire album with nothing more than a Sm7B, Fender Stratocaster, Carvin Acoustic, Modulus Bass, Duet II interface and Logic Pro X in a mattress fort with nothing more than a car stereo and Iphone headphones to mix on.

As my musical career progresses I'll no doubt look to get this album mixed and mastered professionally, but as of now I'm pretty darn proud of what can be achieved on such minimal equipment.  The bonus of having such limitations means that all the creative energy goes into the song writing and nailing the performance, to try and capture my best musical moments... fingers crossed they aren't s**t.  I truly hope this enjoyed by its listeners, and it makes them get that warm fuzzy feeling I get when I listen to the artists I love. 


I dedicate this album to all the great musicians that have inspired me to create and to my father whom inspired me to pursue even the most ludicrous of dreams.

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