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Bluebone are a fairly ridiculous creature. To the majority of people that have encountered a "Bluebone" they are a colourful yet ugly looking fish with scary teeth, and unfortunately for them, utterly delicious.  

To Danny Christensen however, whom has spent many a day diving with them and caring for them in aquariums, they are simply magnificent.


Bluebone, politically correctly known as Tuskfish, are one of the oceans most intelligent fish, made famous by the demi-god that is David Attenborough whom showed the world that a fish can use tools. Once accustomed to us humans within the aquaria Bluebone often will become very friendly to the point of enjoying the odd tummy rub, head scratch, finger nibble and highly judgmental eye contact whilst prepping seafood.  Think of them as the delicious puppy dog of the sea. 

Like the Bluebone fish, Danny Christensen is also a fairly ridiculous creature. 


Danny Christensen always planned to be an artist that drew stuff, but not silly stuff like landscapes, fruit bowls and beautiful naked women, he wanted to draw badass stuff like dragons ridden by robots or tyrannosaurus's with night vision goggles.  However the fine-arts world was robbed.  Maybe in another life the Smithsonian would have its glorious "Dinosaur by night" masterpiece it so desperately needs, but in this universe Danny had been developing a secret love affair with music.  

This Love affair first arose in Spain at the tender age of 16 with a glittery blue Modulus Flea bass guitar called Tanya. Like most teenage boys in love it quickly consumed him and involved hours of bragging to friends, zero sophistication and a lot of clumsy fingering.  This newfound love resulted in Danny being asked to "no longer participate"in high school, as apparently never attending class to play with a bass guitar is frowned upon. 

With school no longer being a Deby-downer and ruining everything his romance with music could burn bright, which led him to enrol in the Bass Guitar Program at the Musicians Institute (MI) of California. 


Whilst he loved the bass guitar, the bass guitar was a teenage romance, and like most teenage romances when you hit the big city and meet something new, vibrant, attractive and tantalising the heart can suddenly find itself not quite as loyal as it once was. That sexy new something was songwriting. 

Danny quickly changed his course at MI and enrolled in the "Recording Artist Program". Thanks to MI's phenomenal 24 hr access Danny would literally spend 12-14 hours a day writing and recording. Upon course completion he was honoured with the "Most Outstanding Project" award for his efforts.

Unfortunately for Danny when he returned to Europe illness struck.  This eventually led to him no longer being able to pursue his musical aspirations.

A few years later though, Danny was on the mend and was able to come back to our world thanks to love and support from dear friends, family and a new start in regional Australia. 

Music is Danny's soulmate, and if you believe in that sorta thang, soulmates defy all logic and the reason, and will find their way back to one-another. So thats what music did, it got back to Danny in the influential forms of Jeff Buckley, Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Legend, Marvin Gaye, Tash Sultana, Matt Corby, Tom Misch, Sublime and many more until in 2019 it created BlueBone.

Danny went on a newly inspired music making mission, resulting in the construction of a musical man-cave. By using mattresses and pillows to create a vocal booth/fort, the power of logic X, the Creamy Elephant (the name of his cream coloured fender strat), Tanya the flea Bass and a heap of musical inspiration he went on to record and produce the debut BlueBone Album "... and the mysterious case of a thing called love"

the BlueBone project is the product of Danny's life and his love of music, hence the album name. It is the weird illogical emotion of love that defines us... unless you are a sociopath/serial killer incapable of such an emotion, in which case the album "...  and the mysterious case of it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again" would be a more fitting title. 


Danny's BlueBone project is however is one of love, inspired by friendship, pain, blues, funk, family, soul, abuse, jazz, hope, rock, laughter, tears, joy, folk, life and of course... a ridiculous little fish. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit more about Bluebone the act and the fish.

Much love from a ridiculous person

- Danny 

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